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CruzTOOLS - RoadTech B1 for BMW Motorcycles

RoadTech B1 for BMW Motorcycles

BMW motorcycles are legendary for innovation, which often results in non-standard fasteners. Female star fasteners are commonplace, and some models even use rare male star screws. Add unique traditional wrench and hex key size requirements, and it becomes clear that a special tool kit is called for. We addressed these needs with the RoadTech B1, which packs pro-grade tools and other roadside items into a sturdy roll-up pouch.

Tool Kit Contents:
Combination Wrenches 8, 10, 12, 13mm, and one Torx E10/12.
Crescent Wrench, (to 26mm)
Vise-Grip plier
Tire pressure gauge (0-50psi)
Wire and Zip-Ties
Hex Wrenches 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
Torx Wrenches T20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50
Four-Way screwdriver with #1 and #2 phillips and 2 flats
Small Bottle Blue Loctite
6-Pt sockets 8, 10, 13mm, and Torx E8
Vinyl Electrical Tape
22 X 19 mm axle adapter
1/4" drive wrench and extension

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