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Devil City Angels Store!

by TC Smith April 08, 2017

Devil City Angels Store!

Hi Everyone!

It's TC here.  Since both Rikki and Brandon are out playing shows respectively, I wanted to at least blog on here and fill you with some killer news until either of them can get the time to be all official with this.

So if you look up at the menu header of the site you will see a new page available to you all....  and it says "DCA Store."  Though it sounds pretty simple I know there's a few questions to address.

We have all of the current DCA merchandise from the last run of dates.  We also have a few older designs as well.

The older t-shirt designs with the star in a circle...  these are left over from the first tour.  They are limited in sizes and quantities.  They also were in storage for a bit.  With this in mind, quite a few have small misprints or areas of damage.  That is why these shirts are cheaper.  Now keep in mind, by purchasing any of these shirts you are taking into agreement that you are okay with your shirt having minor defects and damage.  But it's the last of this design and I would rather they go to a fan than in the garage or turn into scraps or rags for the garage.  But what we have is what we have and they will not be printed again.  So if you want one...  I'd get it while you can.

Men's Star Design

Women's Star Design

The newer t-shirt and zipper front hoodie designs with the trident and wings...  these are left over from the last run of shows.  So you may notice in those we are sold out in certain sizes or colors.  We will be reprinting those!  So if you want to order now, do so... but e-mail me at  Please take note that those will take two weeks or so to ship since I have to produce them first.

Men's Trident T-Shirt Design

Women's Trident T-Shirt Design

Hoodie Trident Design

AUTOGRAPHED MEMORABILIA!  Yes...  you read that right!  We currently only have two different items for sale with autographs.  We have 20 (out of 100) posters signed by Brandon, Chuck, Joel and Rikki from this last run of dates and then we have ONLY TWO RockNRoll Industries Magazines signed by both Brandon and Rikki left.  Since these did go on the road with us they are not in MINT condition.  But they are still in good condition and I'm sure any fan of the band and the members would love to add this to their collection.  ***UPDATED 6AM PST 04/09/2017***  NONE OF THE MAGAZINES ARE LEFT!!!  SOLD OUT!!!

SOLD OUT Autographed Magazines SOLD OUT

Autographed Posters

There are beanies, button packs, koozies and stickers as well for those who want just a little something extra.


Collectable Button Packs


Brushed Chrome Vinyl All Weather Stickers

Keep checking back...  there is new merchandise coming just in time for summer! 

Until then...  you guys can totally rock out with this!!!

Much love,


Devil City Angels Merchandise Store

Devil City Angels Official Website

TC Smith
TC Smith


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